Endorsing your Competitor.

Is it okay for a business owner to promote a potential competitor? In my opinion, I don't believe you should promote your competition. I think you will lose your customers trust by doing so. For instance, Minglee owner of SNOBLIFE which is a hair extensions brand is not out here promoting another hair company. Why? because she does not want to lose her customers trust. If hypothetically Ming did decide to endorse or promote another hair company like DivahGlam which is owned by AprilDivahStyles, her customers would say

"She doesn't even wear her own hair extensions...So why would I buy it?" 

My point exactly. I would never promote my competitor and we're selling the exact same thing. Is it okay to wear and support other brands? Yes.I love recycling  money with other black business owners and open to even collaborating. However, I would never deliberately endorse my competition.

Think about it, Do you see Adidas tagging Nike? No. 

Sound off below and let me know what you guys think.

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