Are Friends Obligated To Promote Your Business?

This has been a touchy subject lately. I saw a clip of Blac Chyna telling her Best Friend for over a decade, she is not obligated to post her business on her page. That shit was fucked up on so many levels.

But are your friends obligated to promote your brand? The answer is....Hell Yeah!!! If your friend has any type of business you should automatically share and or post it with out them even asking. Especially if you have a Platform that would reach a mass amount of people. Even if you don't have a massive audience its one more person who wouldn't have saw the post. Then also, you and your friend could have a different type of following. Your friends audience could be a buying audience vs. just spectators. I think people misuse the word friend. Your "FRIEND" wants YOU and your business to succeed, grow and gain exposure. Only a hating ass bitch(males included) would not promote their so called friends business. Hating ass bitches don't want to see others doing better than them or see others elevate themselves. They'll always have to be the "Friend" that's doing better than their friends. You know why, because they feel threatened. Don't let me get started on all the bitches who want EVERYTHING for FREE or want a damn DISCOUNT but won't even tag you in their post wearing YOUR BRAND. Shit is absolutely Pathetic! Watch closely to who you call your friends.

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